"My father, John Raymond Christopher, did not die before the age of thirty-five, as the squadrons of physicians had predicted. His gentle practice of natural healing helped him overcome the chronic conditions he was born with, as well as the life-threatening injuries he sustained as a young adult. He succumbed instead at the age of seventy-three due to complications of a severe head injury. He had slipped on the treacherous ice outside his beloved Covered Bridge Canyon home, nestled in the mountains outside Spanish Fork, Utah.

"He is gone from among us, but he leaves behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. He created more than fifty herbal formulas that have exacted almost miraculous healings. He spearheaded the School of Natural Healing, which found its way overseas to the highly touted Cambridge University. He authored many works on herbs, some of which are considered to be classics in their field.

"I struggle daily to live a life that would make him proud. I cherish my memories of him, and I hold dear the hundreds of letters that still pour in, almost a decade after his death, thanking him for life itself. They come from every state in the union, and some from remote areas of the world, a poignant reminder of his powerful influence. Yes, he is gone...but he will never be far away.

"As his son, I share his love and concern with all of those he so cared for - people he had never seen, but whose lives he prayed fervently for. I hope that this brief biography will stand as a fitting tribute to him."
(excerpt from the Introduction to "An Herbal Legacy of Courage" by David Christopher, M.H.)
David wrote "An Herbal Legacy of Courage" as a tribute to his father, Dr. John Raymond Christopher.  To read the full text of the biography free online, visit:

An Herbal Legacy of Courage

by David Christopher, MH